Sunday, 30 October 2011


God & I

Define what God means to you.
The concept of a benevolent, bearded old man up in the clouds who grants wishes as a reward for subservience doesn’t seem logical to me. My concept of God is more of a universal energy, a collective consciousness.
What does being religious mean to you?
While I don’t personally believe in any organized religion, I certainly respect others right to. I do, however, think it is problematic when religion gets mixed with politics.
How do you connect with God?
God exists in everything around us. I see God in nature, in human invention, in art…
What do you think of god men/ gurus? Do you have a guru?
I do believe certain people are more evolved or enlightened than others but I’m not a big fan of the concept of someone calling themselves a guru or allowing themselves to be portrayed as one.
If you could meet God, what would you ask him?
I don’t think of God as someone you could meet but, like most people, there are answers I would like to have about things like destiny, suffering and re-incarnation.
What’s your relationship with God? Is it temporary or Permanent? Is it like that of a friend or just when in need?
It’s a relationship of awe. Every time I see a spectacular sunset or watch dogs playing or eat a delicious meal, I am overwhelmed by the complexities, intricacies and beauty of the universe.
How often do you pray?
I once read somewhere that the purest form of prayer is gratitude and that made sense to me, so I try and be as grateful as possible for as much as possible.
Do you have a routine? going to Temple/Dargah or Church once a week?
I visit places of worship for architectural appreciation. Structures like the temples of Khajuraho, the Ajanta-Ellora caves, the cathedrals in Venice are all inspiring to me for their aesthetic, engineering and historic value.
Do you have a deity/idol that you pray to?
I pray to the logistical and technological powers that be that I don’t get stuck in traffic, my computer doesn’t crash, I don’t catch a cold or that my flights don’t get delayed.
Do prayers get answered?
Not all the time.
What do think of spiritual guidance?
Any kind of guidance is helpful. If one is open, I believe you can find spiritual guidance from the most unlikely sources. The advice of an older, more experienced well-wisher, from an insightful book, from a fleeting interaction with a stranger or from just being still and observing the world around you.
Have you tried meditation?
All the time. I don’t sit crossed legged and chant a mantra but there are several times during the day when I switch off to everything around me, quiet my mind and reflect. It could be by listening to a piece of music, contemplating the view from my window or composing a tweet. In today’s day and age it’s sometimes impossible to find a place of silence so, very often, one has to find it within oneself.
What's your problem with/angst against God?
I don’t have any.
If you got to play God, what would you change?
I’d make sure everyone had crystal clear cell-phone reception at all times.
(Appeared in The Times of India, October 30th, 2011)


  1. I know this is an old post, but I just read it today. My idea of God is pretty similar to yours. Though I don't usually voice my opinion on this topic much, for fear of hurting sentiments of the devout people around me; even I'm not that religious. Your definition of God as a collective consciousness is something I can identify with. And when Nature conjures up something, the sheer beauty of it reaffirms my belief in the existence of a greater energy, the magnitude of which we can possibly not fathom.
    Felt good to read this.

  2. Wow,loved reading about your views and beliefs :)
    U know i have to Name deities-
    i have to consider them as Protective Souls around me
    as my friends.

    but yes i also believe in the Oneness of God.
    i believe that all deities whom we worship were actually "Higher Souls",
    who came to the Earth plane to guide Humanity

    These Advanced Souls are now in a different "plane" but they still
    watch over us,protect us

    By the way,are you aware that thr r so many other planes
    besides the Earth plane-for example Astral plane n more..

    I love reading about Spirituality and religion(in easy fiction form)
    I have to read the English translations of the major religions of the World yet :)