Saturday, 25 February 2017


Why We Broke Up

Dear B.A.

Can you believe we’ve been together well over two decades now? How time flies.

I’m not sure if you know this, but you were my first.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Forbes Life, India, March 2016

Like Hassan, the shy and reticent masseur he played in his debut film 1947 Earth, Rahul Khanna is a man of few words. Sitting at a posh coffee shop in South Mumbai, where ForbesLife India meets him for a freewheeling chat, the VJ-turned-model-turned-actor takes his time to choose his words carefully. But when he speaks, a few sentences to each question, the articulate style icon turns heads with his clarity of thought, just like he does on screen, playing the suave Yousaf Rana in The Americans, an espionage series set in the Cold War era. 

Despite father Vinod Khanna being a Bollywood star, Rahul Khanna never grew up as the “star child”. His introverted nature is reflected in his aversion for all things flashy; instead his wardrobe is replete with pieces that are classic and “conservative”. “I want a long-term relationship with my wardrobe. I love the idea of savouring pieces by reusing them over and over rather than discarding them after just one or two outings,” says the 43-year-old.

While Khanna loves owning beautiful and stylish clothes, he says he dislikes the process of acquiring them. “In show business, so much time is spent on trying on clothes that when it comes to my personal wardrobe, the very thought of shopping exhausts me. So I try and do it as infrequently as possible.” he says. But once he finds something he likes, he tends to buy it in multiples, in case he can’t find it again.

Here’s his masterclass on the 10 must-haves in a man’s wardrobe:

Monday, 9 November 2015

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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Hurray for Hummus!

I admit, I'm hooked on hummus. This Levantine dish is such a nutritious, healthful snack and I can literally eat tubs of it. Like most people, I used to buy the ready-made variety until I started reading the labels more closely and noticing all sorts of preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients I didn't recognize. I did some research and found that making ones own hummus is, in fact, ridiculously easy. It tastes so much better and fresher when you can control the quality of the ingredients and it's completely vegan. Best of all, it requires no cooking, proving that some of the nicest things in life are often the simplest!

It's not an exact science, so adapt proportions to your own tastes but here's how I make my Roasted Red Pepper Hummus:

  • 1 can of chick peas/ garbanzo beans (drained and rinsed but save some of the liquid and a few whole beans to garnish)
  • A couple of dollops of tahini (you can buy this in a jar. It's basically sesame seed paste)
  • Juice of one lemon
  • A few spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil
  • A couple of cloves of garlic (I like the caramelly sweetness of roasted garlic so I roast them in a hot oven for a few minutes, but you can use them raw if you prefer)
  • A piece of flame roasted red pepper/ capsicum (again, you can buy this in a jar if you don't want to roast your own)
  • Salt
  • Paprika or chilli powder

Puree all the ingredients in a blender or food processor with a few splashes of the chick pea liquid. I use the NutriBullet, which is my current favourite new appliance (and what I use to make vegetable blasts). Don't blend it too smoothly — the paste should be a bit coarse. If it's too dry, add more of the chick pea liquid.

Garnish with leftover whole beans, drizzle with more olive oil and dust with the paprika or chilli powder.

I like eating mine with rice crackers, vegetable sticks and the theme from Lawrence of Arabia playing in the background.

Let me know how yours turns out.